Tillett B7 Racing Seat

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The B7 is a lightweight, high specification version of the B6 Screamer. It has the narrowest dimensions of any FIA 8855-1999 homologated seat and at 3.7 kg also the lightest available to the best of Tillett’s knowledge.

This is the B7-40 which has a maximum width of 40 cm. This narrower 40 cm version is for cars where there are fitment issues and a narrower seat is necessary. The two models are otherwise the same size internally and are both homologated.

The seats can be ordered with Dinamica® panels as an option, which adds 1 kg.

There are four bracket options to use for installing the seat:




    • TB FIA mounting brackets which have been tested with the seat. These brackets are immensely strong and beautifully machined and recommended as the install method.



    • TB F1 brackets are made from 6 mm thick anodized aluminium and point inwards under the seat.



    • TB F5 brackets are made from the same 6 mm high grade anodised aluminium like the TB F1 but which point outwards away from the seat.



  • TB5 is a powder coated 5 mm thick aluminium version of the outward pointing TB F5.

 Please call or email for freight shipment quote before purchasing.

B7 Dimensions

Weight 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg)
Height 32.1" (81.5 cm)
Width 17.3" (44 cm)
Length 27.4" (69.5 cm)